Budget 2017 Singapore

  1. Going Digital and cybersecurity

More than 80 millions of investment is pouring down and especially helpful if you are in the service sectors, such as food, retail, logistics and cleaning services etc. and you would have traditional issues with man powering, productivity problem. While going digital, cloud based and data is expected to face cyber security and data protection issues. With that, the government bodies are introducing:

  • Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) to train cyber security engineers
  • Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) will work with SPRING Singapore and potentially IE Singapore. To build up digital capabilities

2. Tapping on Innovation

Innovation work will be managed by A*Star if you need to introduce digital productivity or automation to assist your work. Reducing man power, enhance process output and maximize finished process could be achieved. While your innovative product might requires intellectual property (IP), SPRING affiliate Intellectual Property Intermediary will match up with IP. Budget for SME is expected to be guided and expects to execute correctly.

While the above are clearly a big step for Singapore government to support SME. How does management consultants help. The initial studies, research and analysis of the final root cause are still business driven. Management consultant nails down the business process as domain experts and with many years of business analyst background, helps to identify where you need to to go on digital, infrastructure roadmap and business roadmap and stage out the right approach. Before gaining the final support, there is a need to model the problem and simulate the improvements. Even though the government appointed agencies mentioned were of great help. But there are SME business owners whom wanted to keep their strategy and business action plan to least contact to prevent exposure of information from competitions. Budget 2017 ensure full support to assist SME better with the assistance of a management consultant.

Management consultants are trusted advisers and SME owner could choose to discuss and engage the consultants only towards their contribution sectors. A management consultant is definitely a trained and experienced implementer towards their certified sectors. Sensitive information are very much protected and management tips to success could be achieved. If you have further doubts, allow us to assist you better with the support from Budget 2017.

Contact: consultants@tellus2build.com for more inquiry