Tellus2build LLP was found in 02 May 2014 by Mr. Patrick Tan who only remains as an independent management consultant alliance to the company.  In Dec 2014, Miss Windy Wu officially step up the role of CEO. Specialized in software development, smart electronics design to contract manufacturing which includes product prototyping and invention. Tellus2build is a group of industrial expertise with more than 20 years of relevant industry experience so inventors are not academic but proven industry experts.

The company mission statement is:

One stop shop research and development to commercial production

Our Vision:

The first software and smart hardware inventor in Singapore

Our Executive Members :

  • Ms. Windy WU, CEO
  • Ms. Vicky Wu, Executive Director
  • Mr. Patrick Tan, Independent Management Consultant
  • Mr. J.R. Manit, Image processing Science and Deep Learning Director

Our services:

  • Provide business consulting services
  • Provide web hosting, email and support plan
  • Provide e-commerce startup platform, CRM and web based ERP
  • Helps to create business plan and pitch deck to investors
  • Design and build prototype of smart IOT devices, robots or any electronics or software platform
  • Contract manufacture and actualize prototype
  • Certified management consultants to guide IP, relevant business documents pertaining to IP and certification approval bodies
  • Brand marketing, must have digital services and career development works such as resume writing journey to C level or impressive professionals portfolio

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