Worried about the costly marketing investment cost in the digital space? Every company in Singapore are entitled to SME support scheme by local government. Immediately, there are two types of grants applicable to

(1) Supported by IE Singapore, Market Readiness Assistance grant

FUNDING SUPPORT • 70% of the eligible cost for activities listed below, capped at S$20,000 per company per fiscal year • Maximum of two applications per fiscal year, starting on 1 April and ending on 31 March the following year

(2) SPRING Capability Development Grant – Branding, Marketing & Franchising

see following extracted from SPRING:

Brand Strategy Development

A well-planned and executed brand strategy differentiates your company from the competition and defines what your company stands for, its personality and promises to the desired target audience. This in turn builds the fundamentals to cultivate brand equity and customer loyalty, leading to new market opportunities, greater customer reach, stronger talent attraction and revenue growth.

Supportable Activities

A branding project typically comprises the following phases:

  • Conducting a brand audit and research
  • Developing a brand strategy, including the brand value proposition and market positioning
  • Developing a visual identity system to align all customer touch-points and reinforce the brand strategy
  • Conducting an internal alignment workshop to educate the employees on the new brand strategy developed

Marketing Strategy Development

Providing clarity and direction to your marketing efforts is essential to enhancing the effectiveness in reaching out to your target customers.

A well devised marketing strategy can help define your market positioning, identify business priorities and understand your target markets. This can potentially result in better customer acquisition, customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Supportable Activities

A marketing strategy development project typically comprises the following phases:

  • Conduct market research to gain customer insights, understand industry trends and detect gaps in current marketing strategy
  • Develop a marketing strategy and implementation roadmap to align and optimize marketing efforts, achieve marketing objectives and arrive at desired market positioning and mindshare

Franchise/License Strategy Development

A franchise/license business strategy can empower your company to grow beyond organic means and enter new markets by capitalising on your brand, core IPs, and a successful business model.

Supportable Activities

A franchise/license strategy development project typically comprises the following phases:

  • Internal and external analysis
  • Franchise/License business model development
  • Franchise/License system development
  • Development of franchise/license marketing kit
  • Development of legal documentation templates
  • Franchise/License training and education
  • IP registration

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